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My Journey to Becoming a Dietitian

Today in remembrance of my ‘match day,’ which was two years ago to this date. It is crazy to think, how time has flown by and how far I have come to become a dietitian. And for those of you who just were accepted into a dietetic internship, congrats! As well as those, who are finishing up their internships…you are in the home stretch and one step closer to becoming a Registered Dietitian! 🙂

Let me just say, my journey was a tough one. Now many people can say it is not an easy path. However, for some (like myself) it takes a bit more determination and optimism. So with that being said, I’m going to share my story with you to serve as a little motivation for those who may have not gotten into an internship this time, or the next, or the next. Because listen, I know where you are coming from.



It took me three attempts to get accepted into a dietetic internship. If you are into your junior year of college, I am sure your professors have already told you that the chance of getting into an internship is 50/50. I am living proof of that. Sure I had medicore grades but in all honesty, your GPA does not determine whether or not you get into an internship. It takes a lot more than that. Including, volunteer work and getting as much experience as you can in the field. To my disadvantage, I did not have time for anything because I was a competitive runner on my school’s running team. Basically my weekends were stuck on a bus or at a track meet (accompanied by my beloved nutrition text books, of course). But I figured, what was there to lose. I can say I tried and not get in…or not try and wonder if I could have gotten in.

To make a long story short, three years later…three attempts…I was finally accepted. Oh no, but it wasn’t that easy. After graduating from college with a nutrition degree, there weren’t many jobs to choose from. Let’s be honest, you need an internship to actually get a “real” job if you want to pursue a career in nutrition. I went from food server -> dietetic assistant -> dietetic technician -> dietetic intern -> registered dietitian. Oh and that third attempt…yeah, almost did not happen. I had to go through the “second round,” to actually finally be matched. But was it worth it, of course…because well look at me now…I’m a dietitian.

damnrightimadietitian.jpgAnd if you thought getting into an internship wasn’t hard enough (which by the way, you have to pay for, and not get paid for a whole entire year), think again. There’s a test! For some, it comes easy and for some it does not.

I was always one of those kids in school, that actually had to work for my grades. Just as well as for sports. I was never naturally talented at anything. So when I failed the test, I cried. But did I give up? No way in hell, especially after working so hard to where I came from. So I studied and studied, and studied until I couldn’t fit any more information into my brain. And I took the test again guaranteed I would pass this time. For those of you who are not familiar with the process, you have to wait 45 days until you can re-take. The second time around, I was pretty confident with how I did.

They said, “third time’s a charm,” right?

3 Years -> 3 attempts to get into internship + 3 attempts at RD exam = finally a damn dietitian!

Haha, but in all jokes aside…I am finally a Registered Dietitian.

And after that third time, let me tell you it was the best feeling ever.

Am I done with my journey? No.

What’s next for me? Well it can only get better with time and experience.




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